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    How much blood can you lose before you pass out?

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    Roberta Mckinney

    So, absolutely lethal, that is capable of killing any person, is the loss of more than 70% of the blood. To calculate the volume of your blood, use Nadler’s formula or Gilcher’s rule: by 5 mL per kilogram.

    Severity of hemorrhage:

    • Small. The loss is lesser than 15 percent and people can lose it without harm to health.
    • Average. The volume is 15-30%. Pressure is reduced by about 10%. The body tries to compensate state.
    • Great. Losses are up to 40%. A person develops a shock.
    • Deadly. The volume of losses more than 40%. Such a large loss of blood is fatal to humans.

    The amount of blood that can be lost without any harm to health is established by the standard of blood donation – 450-500 milliliters (one U.S. pint).

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