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    What does breastfeeding feel like?

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    • A simple sucking sensation.
    • Breastfeeding might look easy, but it can be quite painful for the first few weeks or months. The discomfort can range from slight tenderness to cracked and bleeding skin.
    • Sexual arousal is incredibly common side effect during breastfeeding.
    • It’s a warm, often relieving, gentle, rhythmic pulling/tugging/nibbling sensation at the nipple with some suction.
    • Relief from pressure.
    • After you get through first painful weeks, breastfeeding becomes the most absurdly convenient, simple, pleasant thing.
    • Breastfeeding is satisfying, normal and sometimes is taxing emotionally.
    • Eventually, babies go through stages: pinching (with their fingers) at your breast while nursing, biting as teeth come in, pulling off suddenly to laugh or babble, then relatching and repeating.

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